Vendor that is porridge really wants to market business

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June 24, 2016
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August 11, 2016



64, oo Chin Chye, said the laborious job of preparing tons of side dishes which range from vegetables to meat and fish had taken a toll on him.

I would rather deliver my spot to someone who’s knowledgeable about the food company. He will be guided by me for several months.

“I ‘m becoming old and my body can’t require it. Furthermore, the lease is not gradual and I only can’t get enough workers to run my day-to-day operation.

I’ll call it when the rental with this place ends in June ” he said at his factory outlet If I can’t get someone to take over the company.

Oo said the company was inherited by him from his dad, who began the company in 1938 in Weld Quay.

The simple porridge provides a neutral base to go with little portions of dishes including fish that is fried, stir fried vegetables and salted duck egg.

“Most of our customers would squat on wooden stools put on top of long seats lining our porridge booth.

This was relaxation. This was a period when we used firewood to cook.

Oo said things were never exactly the same where the seats was like another store after they switched into a marketplace in Macallum Street Ghaut. They proceeded in 2010 to the current premises.

Asked why he failed to deliver the company to his three sons aged between 34 and 26, Oo, are doing nicely and with his eyes lit up, said they’ve adequate jobs. While another is a teacher.” two of them are engineers.

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