Plans repo leave in 2016 because of “to overbearing Government regulations”

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April 15, 2016
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The firm, nevertheless, is set on its path of focusing on other investment types.

Mayberry Chairman Christopher Berry said the company line is becoming “ an unprofitable company as a result of oppressive and overbearing authorities regulations ”.

Mayberry should leave the section in 2016, he added, saying that focus will likely be placed on other company lines that were assuring, including trading for customers of stocks, bonds, options and futures contract.
For fixed income securities that are international, we believe that it’s best to maintain duration brief and stick to investment-grade fixed- income securities the chairman said.

He included, “Now isn’t time to take undue hazard. It’s time to begin adding to property holdings as prices will increase so long as the market proceeds to grow.”

By repos that are leaving, Berry indicated, “ as we will not be subjected to the dangers of our customers With this change, our business’s hazard profile is likely to be greatly reduced ’ places.”

In 2015, the investment house recorded a net profit of $145 million along with sales of $999 million. While dividend income improved for the interval net trading gains rose by $50 million. Net interest income increased 44 per cent or $105 million .

Berry noted that during the year finished Mayberry increased more than $5 billion in equity and debt for Jamaican companies.

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