Jamaica Broilers — Branded girls mind for Europe

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April 14, 2016
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April 19, 2016

Broilers Group (JBG) indicates that the recently acquired hatchery in America has a market of 20,000 for its chicks, including customers in Canada. The organization can also be eyeing increase in a layer-chick market in America valued at US$360 million per annum.

Creation of Novogen and broiler layer chicks commenced under JBG’s possession on March 31 from the Iowa facility. The Welp Hatchery web site indicates the family owned company, created in 1929, specialisesd in Cornish Rock Broiler chickens, but offered a large number of chickens and other domestic fowl.
We anticipate this strategic acquisition will enable us to set up a presence in the layer infant chick market in the united states through the supply of Novogen layer fowl.”

Parsard said hatchery assets of Welp Inc are likely to produce gains from day one” that was “. Return on investment timelines and he declined to reveal the acquisition price.

Welp is likely to enlarge JBG’s US dollar gains. For the next quarter ending January 2016, the hard currency gains for the business’s US operations provided last year, J$798 million, compared to J$632 million.

Parsard said JBG is eyeing other regions of chicken creation as well as added chances in the hatchery locally in international also as Jamaica, in Haiti and america.

Previously, he previously summarized that $6.2 billion in new financing raised in February was partly intended for growth.

In Jamaica, a brand new hatchery was commissioned by the business in January 2016.


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